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Ducted Systems

Ducted Systems: Reinventing Your Furnace

Ideal for larger residences or commercial spaces, these systems reinvent traditional furnaces by offering centralized heating and cooling solutions. Say goodbye to outdated methods and transform your living spaces with heating solutions that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and your ultimate comfort.

Upgrading your traditional furnace with a Daikin SVZ/PUZ Air Handler offers a powerful and sustainable solution. Here's what sets it apart:


The SVZ features variable-speed technology for superior efficiency and comfort, while the PUZ is a fixed-speed option for budget-conscious installations.


  • SVZ Efficiency: Superior performance with enhanced energy efficiency and quieter operation.

  • PUZ Reliability: High-performance units ensuring robust heating and cooling solutions.

  • Adaptable units for diverse space layouts and comfort preferences.


Hyper-Heat Technology

Daikin systems can provide full heating capacity down to -5°F and beyond, ensuring warmth even in the harshest winters.


  • Efficiently heats spaces while minimizing energy consumption.

  •  Offers dependable heating performance in the harshest climates.


New Ductwork

While often unnecessary, upgrading your ductwork can further optimize airflow and efficiency, maximizing the benefits of your new system.


  • Reduces energy loss through well-designed and insulated ducts.

  • Ensures efficient distribution for balanced heating and cooling servcies.

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