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Why do we need HRV?


With the current building code, installing a heat recovery unit is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. It is important that you have adequate air supply to all rooms and extraction from bathrooms and kitchens. Insufficient ventilation can lead to mold growth, condensation damage and unhealthy living conditions. Our team at Balance Point can advise you on the most suitable ventilation system to match your home's airtightness level.

What is balanced ventilation?

What is balanced ventilation?

Balanced ventilation is the best way to provide fresh air to a space. It means we're simultaneously adding air at the same rate we're taking it out. This allows us to:

  • Extract heat from the outgoing air and apply it to the fresh air

  • Maintain a pressure balance between inside and outside the space

  • Control the point of entry, allowing for exemplary filtration of all the air in the home


How will balanced ventilation improve my quality of life?

  • Alleviate allergies when you are inside your home by filtering the air you breathe

  • Eliminate mold growth by providing ventilation and removing excess humidity

  • Diluting and removing indoor pollutants, like off-gassing building materials and radon

  • Removing CO2 buildup during the night, allowing for more restful sleep

  • Reducing your energy costs

  • No more 'old house smell'



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